The GRSO Soldiers are the soldiers that work through a network facility located in Canada and creates Sentinels commanded by General Kincaid to destroy all mutants including the X-Men. The GRSO Soldiers at first are a mystery to the X-Men when one X-Men member claims that the brotherhood seem to be connecting each other with information streams while in order the GRSO stalks the mansion while the X-Men worry without knowing of the stalk or not knowing what to do while Jean Grey comes to a conclusion saying she will search with her telepathic ability after sensing some of the GRSO, while wolverine goes to Canada in the factory he was tested at in the past and Cyclops goes the same place only to confront his younger brother who cyclops find he's joined the brotherhood  Alex Summers a.k.a. Havok were the two battle without powers sense there blood relation then later is confronted by wolverine then all of them team up after awhile to explore but battle GRSO then later depart. The GRSO attacks the X-Men on several occasions through out the game and intended to go in the sewers after the Morlocks then with the help of convince and fighting along side the morlocks later the xmen tells Marrow about the GRSO attack regrettably then apologizes to the X-Men.