Jean Grey
Jean Grey 1
Vital Stats
Real Name Jean Grey
Nicknames Phoenix
Gender Female
Powers Telekinetic
Voice Actor Leigh Allyn Baker

Jean Grey is a playable character in X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. In X-Men Legends she is one of the characters that are playable after beating the first level. there are two missions where Jean can't be used in the first one on the arbiter she cannot be used because Blob is destroying the arbiter, and she has to hold the arbiter afloat so that way the X-Men can save the Arbiter Crewmen. The X-Men say that they should stop the Brotherhood but Jean says she cannot hold it much longer and said if they stay on much longer they could go down with it. The other mission is where the GRSO Soldiers attack the X-Mansion on the outside. Later on the astral plain she, Emma Frost and Charles Xavier save Illyana Rasputin and they are attacked by Shadow King Jean and Emma escape but Professor X gets captured by Shadow King. In the rest of the game she is playable. In the sequel she has many powers known as phoenix force, spike, and many others.


Codename: Phoenix

Jean Grey was an average teenager until her telekinetic and telepathic abilities manifested themselves. Now, thoughts are louder to her than voices, and she can lift weights with her mind.

After Professor Charles Xavier discovered Jean's abilities, he approached her with a proposition: attend his Institute for Gifted Children in Westchester County, New York, to learn to control her abilities--and help him stop the coming war between humans and mutants.

Jean was the second student the professor enrolled in his school, after Scott Summers. Because Scott and Jean have been at the institute the longest, they have greater experience with their powers and more training than the other X-Men.


A telepath, Jean can read minds--and, on a limited basis, project thoughts and illusions into the minds of others. Her telekinetic powers allow her to levitate herself, other living beings, and inanimate objects.



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