Vital Stats
Real Name Jubilation Lee
Nicknames Jubes
Gender Female
Powers Fireworks
Voice Actor Danica McKeller
"The name's Jubilation Lee but everyone around here calls me Jubilee."

Jubilee is first playable when you talk to her in the Estate Grounds and is the unofficial sidekick of Wolverine. And first playable when you talk to her in the Estate Grounds and she possess the ability to create light and power from her finger tips her xtreme is called Independence Day when she spins her hand quickly and in session she builds light in her hands she throws it into the sky and they come down in colors and pain to enemy's. She calls the light in her hands fireworks because of how colorful they are and how they detonate like one. And in the sequel she is not playable, there or mentioned. But she can come as a mod for X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.


Real Name: Jubilation Lee

Born in Beverly Hills, California, Jubilee had it all--loving parents, a wealthy lifestyle, and plenty of friends. But in the span of several days, her parents lost all their money in the stock market and then lost their lives to assassins. Jubilee was taken to a juvenile hall in Los Angeles. Eventually Jubilee ran away to live in a shopping mall where she stole whatever she needed. The mall hired special mutant hunters to track her down, but fortunately, Jean Grey, Storm, Dazzler, and Psylocke were there to stop them.


Jubilee’s mutant power is the ability to generate bright energy from her fingertips, which she refers to as fireworks. Initially she could blind people for a short amount of time with her firework. But as she grew more adept, she learned to control the energy and direct it to explode on any object.