Vital Stats
Real Name Elizabeth Braddock
Nicknames Lady Britain
Gender Female
Powers her Psy Blade


Voice Actor Masasa Moyo

Psylocke is first playable after beating the New York City Riot level. And has powers insisting telekinetic, telepathy, with her powers she is able to wield a blade that she used in combat. She is able to throw three or more bolts, another power she gives a big swift of her blade into enemies hurting them, her other power gives her a psychic shield increasing her defenses. Her Xtreme is called Psychic Onslaught, wheere she makes telekinetic bolts come crashing everywhere on the ground. In the X-Men Legends sequel she is not in it, nor playable. She is not mentioned in the game, however, in the trivia they give you a question regarding her.


Real Name: Betsy Braddock

Elizabeth Braddock is from the United Kingdom where her brother is a well- known super hero. Apparently both of the Braddock siblings inherited their talents from their father, who was from another dimension known as Otherworld.

Betsy was originally a very powerful telepath--but then a bizarre turn of events changed her life forever. Her life force was transferred to the body of an assassin while the assassin was transferred to her body. The assassin died while inhabiting Psylocke's original body thus forcing Betsy to remain in the assassin's body. But Betsy did benefit from the ordeal; she retained her mental powers while gaining the assassin's martial arts skills as well.


With Psylocke's powerful psychic blade attack. And a maxed Blade Master skill, Hammer Legend can deliver up to 465 points of damage--and that's before taking any equipment enhancements into account. That puts Betsy's primary mutant attack in the same neighborhood as Wolverine's Brutal Slash. While still not in the same class as Rogue's Southern Strike or Colossus' Power Smash, the mental damage is very helpful against physical-resistant foes. There's no reason not to max this power as well as Psylocke's B-power so she can be effective both close-up and at range.


Psylocke used a Psy Blade.