Scarlet Witch
Vital Stats
Real Name Wanda Maximoff
Nicknames None
Gender Female
Powers Chaos Magic Reality
Voice Actor Jennifer Hale

Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff is the daughter of Magneto and the twin sister to Quicksilver. She has the ability to create hex bolts and explosions. She can also manipulate probability, causing surrounding enemies to spontaneously combust. Her X-treme ability, Anarchy Assault, unleashes a wave of chaos magic and has the chance to convert nearby enemies into allies. Scarlet Witch also has the ability to heal herself and her allies.


    • Misfortune (Boost): Requires Reality Shift. Causes enemy attacks to backfire, reflecting a percentage of damage back on themselves.
    • Hex Bolt (Projectile): Fire a single hex-bolt.
    • Combustion (Radial): Requires Level 7. Use probability to spontaneously combust surrounding enemies and objects.
    • Reality Shift (Special): Requires Level 14, Combustion. Launch a hex bolt that has a chance to turn enemy into a box with something good inside.
    • Hex Locked (Projectile): Requires Level 21, Hex Bolt. Fire several hex-bolts with a chance to cause a deadly strike (1/3 instant health loss).
    • Hex Explosion (Projectile): Requires Level 28, Hex Locked. Fire a hex-bolt which causes nearby objects to explode violently.
    • Anarchy Assault (Radial, Xtreme): Requires Level 15. Unleash magic bursts with a random damage type, with a chance to convert enemies for a time.
    • Revitalize (Boost, Xtreme): Requires Level 20. Restore full Health Points for entire party, and raise max Health Points.
    • Probability Syphon (Boost): Each team member absorbs 20% of inflicted damage into Experience Points.
    • Amplify Luck (Boost): Requires Level 7, Probability Syphon. Amplify entire team's luck, increasing damage and chance of critical hits.
    • Heal (Boost): Requires Level 14, Amplify Luck. Gives party regenerative healing for a time.
    • Scarlet's Touch (Passive): Increase chance of critical hit on all attacks.
    • Deflect Missiles (Passive): Requires Level 14, Scarlet's Touch. Increases the chance of deflecting missile attacks.
    • Hex Mastery (Passive): Requires Level 21, Mutant Master. Increase damage and chance of critical damage when using hex-bolt attacks.
    • Mutant Master (Passive): Increases Experience Points regeneration rate.