Zealot appears as a boss in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. Zealot appears in the first arc of the game where Apocalypse has attacked and enslaved Genosha. Zealot had joined up with Apocalypse in order to have control of Genosha handed over to him after Apocalypse acquire what he seeks. He, alongs with his minions, guard a backdoor to Genosha which Angel discovered and appeared to be the best was to get into the city. The door was uncovered by giant mindless carnivorous insects known as the Cerci which were designed for the attack on Genosha. It lies in their tunnels that border the Dead Zone. Zealot had set up several traps in the tunnels, though the team manages to get out of them and finally face Zealot. After defeating Zealot, the team gains access to the door.